If you’ve heard of Artist Push, you’ll know that they’re a music marketing company specializing in streaming music promotion. But have you heard about Audiomack? 

Audiomack is an exciting promotion package from Artist Push that allows you to quickly gain followers and increase your reputation – the first step on your journey to becoming a well-known artist! 

Understanding Audiomack

This is a music streaming platform that is ideal for young artists. It has high-end promotion services and is becoming incredibly popular. 

Similar to platforms such as Soundcloud, it focuses more towards a Hip Hop audience – but with over 16 million active users a month, it’s still fairly wide-ranging and is one of the most dynamic emerging music streaming services. 

The story of Audiomack

Incorporated in 2012, the Audiomack music streaming site now features 10,000-20,000 visitors per day. 

The history of hosting mixtapes has gradually evolved into a streaming service that allows musicians to upload music directly onto the platform. Promoting shows, improvement by collaboration, and harnessing the power of streaming are all ways in which Audiomack can help musicians – as well as grow their fan base! 

One of the biggest moments for Audiomack in terms of brand awareness and their growth was when Eminem used the platform for his debut track. 

Audiomack has an international office in Lagos and is becoming increasingly popular in countries such as South Africa and Ghana. 

Audiomack promotions: what are they?

Audiomack can play a vital part in promoting an artist’s music. The company understands that it’s hard work for new artists – day and night, 24/7. 

Audiomack can help clients gain real plays from traffic that is always human-generated with no bots allowed! There’s much less work for the artist to do, and everything is real and follows the rules.  


Seeking out young talent

One of the ways that Audiomack stands out from other big music streaming platforms is that they hunt for new talent. They’ve created a platform where new music fans can visit daily and find young, new artists who are starting their music journeys. 

Always keen to promote a place where new talent arrives and is nurtured, Audiomack is growing and for good reason – it’s a place where people know there is a true talent, passion, and exciting opportunities. 

Connecting fans and artists 

One of the many great things about Audiomack is that it allows for a direct relationship between fans and artists. It’s not one way – it’s a conversation. 

Artists can upload their music directly to their audience as soon as it’s ready. Once they do so, they can start a conversation with fans by uploading and responding to comments directly and building up long-term relationships. 

Audiomack believes in promoting ‘artist control’. They want to always make sure that there are ways for artists to personalize the experience without any 3rd party such as a playlist curator. 

A global family

Audiomack is available anywhere in the world – the potential connections can be international or local – it’s an exciting reality. 

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