In an age of streaming music, it’s so many ways to listen and collect music. For example on music streaming and distribution platforms or services and on plenty of different social networks.

And it’s still a place for physical formats as and CD vinyl. CDs are the way cheaper than vinyl, to gather an advanced collection, including deluxe editions, and editions with bonus tracks, CDs are much more complete than with any other physical bearer.

For people who choose to collect music on CDs exist sites like HD Tracks or Mergerecords that’ll let to purchase high-quality music files. Some people tend to buy CDs than download music from paid sites, however, it’s more complicated from the standpoint of logistic.

But for a perfectionist, real music lovers who intend to collect music with the best quality vinyl is a nice treat. But trying to build a complete collection on vinyl could lead to failure. It is not feasible, because of vinyl take up a lot of space and cost a lot, especially limited editions samples.
In this case, Vinyl Exchange is a great option.

Vinyl requires a lot of resources, turntable, records and needle, and it’s necessary to care it all from damage and stain. And still, if records are clean it’s possible to get crackling during playback.

Both CD’s and vinyl are sensitive to hurt and neither format is archival but still have an impressive amount of fans.