Online music marketing can be a pretty tricky task, especially in competitive industries that require boosts from a fan base. Musicians without resources and managers struggle to market themselves, this spurs them to find ways to profit from music offline before they get their big break.

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7 Creative Ways To Earn Offline As A Musician

There are a ton of ways to get recognition without using social media. Here are the 7 easiest ways to make money offline:


The right connections can not only take you to high places, but they can also get you gigs that will pay. Events like this can give you the boost you need to land long-term gigs for advertorials, jingles, etc. Furthermore, there are websites that let you access information on networking events both online and offline. You can attend these to obtain new contacts. Networking is also possible by going to conventions, festivals, and other related events.

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Publicize Your Contact

If they don’t have access to your contact, people cannot reach you. For them to have easy access to your brand, you can create business cards to give them an offline avenue or other creative ways like printed tees and totes. Day Parkay Ft. Cory Gunz release their awesome collab “Gunz&Buttuh”

You can advertise the services you offer with these and make yourself easier to access and more available.

Get Competitive

Competing with established celebrities can be daunting. Spotify and apple music Playlist features aren’t as easy for upcoming artists. So, apply for music competitions and compete with different people. Songwriting and singing competitions are abundant and winning or even just getting far in them can help you build followership.

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Word of Mouth

Having conversations about your craft is the best form of offline advertising. You can play your beats, sing or showcase whatever musically inclined talent that you have. This way people are able to spread the word for you. When you have good quality material, people help you to advertise your content.

Sell CDs

Rather than just sticking to mainstream media such as TV, streaming sites, and video sites, you can actually earn a lot more by selling CDs. People with vintage music players, as well as car stereos, are big on them. Furthermore, you are assured that server crashing won’t affect the distribution of your music. Improve CD sound by shaving?

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Live Shows

It’s pretty enjoyable to perform at pubs, concerts, and festivals. You can submit applications for jobs at restaurants, register for events, and visit pubs that provide open mic nights. It’s a fairly good technique to earn money, to find any physical stream where people can listen to your music. If you’re not bashful, you can try playing roadside music.

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Sell Merchandise

Selling products is one of the best methods to profit from music offline. Merchandise like T-shirts, totes, stickers, etc, can be sold to make some money. There are numerous items you may sell and numerous buyers for those items.

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If you look around, there are countless offline income opportunities. After all, analog techniques are still quite effective in the digital age.

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