Apple Music is second the most popular music streaming platform (after Spotify) in the world. The platform satisfies around 17 million paid subscribers and artists both, paying to artists royalties and giving the opportunity to make money on their tracks. We will talk about four ways to monetize music on Apple Music.

The interactive streaming royalty for sound recording paid to you as an artist through a distributor like Distrokid or CD Baby. This is the money you are paid (through your label or distributor) whenever someone streams your music on Apple Music. You get these payouts when Apple listeners stream your tracks.

Mechanical royalties. You get for interactive streaming paid through your publisher or publishing administrator. This means that the listener chose the music that he wanted to listen. While non-interactive streaming doesn’t allow the listener to manage the playlist. It’s fair: if you are the author of the song, Apple Music should pay for choosing your music. This platform creates a virtual mechanical reproduction of each composition.

Also, you should receive the payments for playing your tracks on Internet radio. It called performance royalties for internet radio plays. Every time your composition plays on the radio (artist as a songwriter or publisher), you should receive royalties for public reproduction.

Digital performance royalties for streams of sound recordings. This is not a publishing royalty. There are fees required by law to pay for streaming music content. Each artist who releases his music on streaming platforms should be aware of his rights and the payments that he should receive. Because of ignorance and illiteracy, you very often not only lose your earnings but also allow others to grow rich at the expense of yourself.