In order to earn money on Spotify, first of all, you need to contact a distributor such as CD Baby or Distrokid for guidance. These services help collect royalties from all streaming platforms.

An artist will have access to complete reports of streams and payments in the accounting section of a distributor’s account. Distributors have different terms and conditions. Someone takes a percentage, someone – a monthly fee. Each artist is free to choose one option that is more profitable and convenient for him.

Get “master use royalty” or “artist royalty”. In fact, it’s the payment for
streaming your licensed sound recording. Every time your music is streamed on streaming service, like Spotify or Apple Music, you should receive mechanical royalties. In other words, every time a song you’ve written is manufactured to be sold on a CD, downloaded on a digital music retail site or streamed through services like Spotify and Rdio, you are owed a mechanical royalty.

The more streams you receive, the more royalties you get. To increase the number of plays, you can add your track to one of the playlists created by the listeners. Such playlists are called listeners playlists. If your track adds to the editorial playlists of Spotify, it will be excellent, but this way is much more difficult.

For a good start, Spotify has to notice you with a huge amount of streams And the more streams you receive, the more chances to be noticed by the platform curators. Some of the playlists you can find on the music promotion companies websites.