According to Spotify execs’ words, algorithm-based playlists like Release Radar and Discover Weekly generate millions of valuable streams for artists. In more cases, music fans could explore these playlists when searching for fresh music based on their own tastes, or for a brand-new track from an artist they already know and follow. Don’t miss a chance to use this killing promotional weapon!

Discover Weekly and Release Radar are algorithm-based weekly playlists composed according to each user music teste. Smart Discover Weekly algorithm identify tracks with a huge amount of streams, shares and social interactions that specify potentially popular music.

Spotify stands its choices around other playlists across the platform.

The data from each playlist to learn tastes, artists matches and what other listeners might enjoy, no matter that’s a playlist with thousands of daily listeners, a user’s private or public playlist.

The simple explanation from Spotify exec of how Discover Weekly is organized:

“Let’s say you’ve been playing a song by The Killers and a song by Bruce Springsteen a lot. Algorithms look for how those songs are played and ordered in other Spotify users’ playlists. If it turns out that, when people play those songs together in their playlists, there’s another song sandwiched between them that someone has never heard before, that song will show up in your Discover Weekly.”

Release Radar gives a weekly playlist of songs chosen from new albums. Discover Weekly is issued each Monday, and Radar would please with Friday release. It’s the way more challenging to get right because alternatively the tracks from Discover Weekly, there isn’t enough valuable data on brand-new music.

Important summary for Discover Weekly and Release Radar: Increase engagement to your great music and get fans to follow you on Spotify.

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