Please Say “Da God”

You might know him as Godzilla, Samurai Swish, or his Catchphrase “A N— Got Bars”. But he’s best known as his stage name ‘Swish Da God’. Born & Raised In Baltimore, Antoine Nathaniel Free Jr. Grew Up Around Music In His Household, Church, and School, And Adapted to Writing Music At The Age Of 7.

Firstly Starting, Recording Music In His Room, and He Is Now On All Streaming Platforms. Swish Is A African-American Artist Influenced By Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne, Missy Elliott, Drake, LeftEye, Tupac, DMX, and Aminé. With A Animated Flow, Distinctive Sound, Versatile Cadence, And Aggressive Punchlines, He Shows Why He’s A Contender Of Rap & A Force To Be Reckoned With In The LGBTQ+ Music Scene. Da God Have Songs With Streams Over 10,000 Streams, A Platinum Plaque For His Hit ‘Godzilla’, A Gold Plaque For His 2020 Ep ‘All Or Nothing, And He Have Been Working On His Latest Upcoming Ep ‘Where Do Fantasies Come From?’.

Dabbling In Different Talents, Swish Owns His Own Fashion Magazine: ‘Astonished Magazine’, and A Podcast: ‘The Instinct’ While Also Being Recognized By leikeli47, Reece King, YoungMoney, SexEducationNetflix, and Many More. His Charmed Characteristics and Haute Fashion Sense Makes Him Stand Out. The Baltimore Artist Is Outspoken, Plays By No Rules, And Thinks Outside The Box When It Comes To Music: Releasing Pop, R&B, Rap, And EDM records. You Can Now Listen To Swish Da God’s Latest Songs On All Streaming Platforms & Follow Him On All Social Media Outlet.

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