Spotify one of the most well-known and reputable music streaming service that shines for its ability to suggest new music that particular user will like.

The company has more than 10 years to set its music matching algorithms. Spotify uses those to generate four different daily mixes, a weekly “discover” playlist, and myriad curated radio stations for a specific user. It also offers up themed playlists and algorithm that able to propose user music similar to that he was listening before.

Countless amount of music lovers all over the world use Spotify to discover new and up-and-coming musician artists. So most of the young musicians aim to be found on Spotify.

Reaching out to biggest playlist curators is not a simple task, but definitely will rocket you to the Moon in a case of success. Some crucial steps for getting into playlists are followed.

First of all, you have to verify your profile. Spotify playlist curators will likely include music in their playlists if your artist profile is active and verified. Try to engage the maximum amount of followers you can. Spotify takes serious artists with impressive fans count.
Manage your social media accounts, website and make sure your online presence is accurate and professional.

The very important trick is submitting New Music Spotify Playlists on Ditto Music. Now it is possible to submit playlists across a wide range of genres, that lead to all the places from reaching the famous online source.
Now you are ready to the most adoring step – emailing to Spotify curators. But first, you have to find out who curates the Spotify playlist you’re interested in. You will be surprised, but a lot of Spotify curators’ contacts you can find on Linkedin. Yet, do not hesitate to join playlists that curated by users itself.

Please, keep patience and keep trying. Fortune favors the brave.

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