When music is your passion and you can’t leave without writing and performing you can’t get enough of doing some leg work to promote it. The best advise that we can do is reassemble live experience from musicians in a few practical tips.

Use all needed marketing tools

The music business is still a business that is guided by common rules. For example, everything starts in with an idea, then identifying goals, target market and developing a product.

So it’s important to understand who is your potential listeners and to try to create the most accurate portrait of your potential listeners as you can. In this way, you’ll be able to predict situations when your listener most likely will listen to your music and in which conditions. In this case, you’ll probably define the playlist which your sounds suite best.

If you already have a fanbase you can explore who they are following and send them a link with to your profile. When you know who your target market is, you can start targeting them anywhere.

Define the place where is your potential fans

Don’t limit yourself only with Soundcloud. Try also Spotify, Mixcloud, 8tracks or Pandora. You can catch your followers even on the platforms that not bounded to music indirectly – Reddit, for example. It is a great option to post links with your audio or video in different subreddits and find your audience eventually.

If you not only about creating a fan base but also about selling music, try
/audiophile. There you can find workable advice from professionals.

Use your data

Analyzing data is necessary for making the right decisions. The easiest way to get data on SoundCloud is to go Pro ( $7 or $15 price per month).

Soundcloud is friendly to other social media platforms. You can link your website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and Instagram. This way, you can be active on social media, while letting your SoundCloud profile be your main base.

Social media is an excellent tool for growth. You can talk directly with your fans and hold them with fresh content from your rehearsal or even backstage! Spend an hour online and let people know you better.

Don’t be afraid of using help from professionals that have years of experience promoting artist. They could give you a boost that leads to large commercial purpose. Buying plays, in small supplements, throughout this entire process will help. You will keep your traffic hot and for potential fans that will be a sign that you’re growing organically.

It all comes full circle. Once you have found your niche and are starting to increase, it’s time to move out. SoundCloud is the best way to do that!

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