With or without you is by an upcoming singer and songwriter JOY GOLD. Gold launched her first single in August of 2019 and has since launched a total of 16 tracks. Her most recent album holds 7 tracks and with or without you is track 2 on her my world album. Gold’s music comes from the heart following a hip-hop beat with pop-like lyrics. She’s dynamic and we’re here for it. Gold moved from her home in Kenya to live in Boston, Massachusetts. An insider source said “ music was her escape and a way for her to express the feelings she didn’t know how to. JOY GOLD is the next big thing because she holds nothing back, her songs are unique and relatable.”  Gold’s music radiates self-love and it’s versatile to both genders. Eye candy has been my favorite song of summer 2021 and I’m looking forward to what she launches in the future. You can find JOY GOLD’s music on all music platforms. 

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