The latest single from German EDM artist Alekz Rush is launched. On March 20, 2020 the second single in the new year called “Burnin” was released. The song is one of the IDs that fans have been waiting for the longest. We tell you the story of its origins and tell you what we think of the new track by Alekz Rush.

The track was created a while ago. “Burnin” was produced by Alekz Rush in February 2019 and played for the first time at his biggest gig “Wasserrausch” in June 2019 in Cologne, on Europe’s largest party ship. The track was announced in Augsburg at the Sound Factory. While playing the ID on his gig. In the podcast, Alekz Rush explained that there were problems with the release, but he now wanted to release the ID as a solo single because the fans were so eagerly awaiting him.

Musically, “Burnin” encompasses everything that characterizes the sound of Alekz Rush. The track starts with a calm part, which is characterized by a piano and gentle, female vocals. The focus is on thoughtful lyrics. Then the track changes a lot by using a pitched voice that repeats the words “Burnin” all the time. In combination with the piano and the usual claps by Alekz Rush, the transition is made to the drop. The drop is in the future house area. The melody in the sound design is bursting with energy and happiness and encourages every future house lover to go with it the first time they hear it.

Here you will find the single “Burnin”.