A fusion of classical and electronic downtempo, this beautiful and alluring song, is inspired by one of the greatest and one of his favorite classical composers: Ludwig Van Beethoven.

” Usually, people don’t realize, except those trained classically, how complex and beautiful his compositions are! I always wonder how it must have sounded like in his brain. Well here is my own rendition. I am impressed because honestly he has just started publishing his music now and I can feel the spark and energy in this lad from miles away. I don’t want to be locked to any one genre, I love and listen to pretty much all kinds of music and genres and so you will see the same reflect back in my own music. Being open-minded and versatile helps me boost my creativity to the next level”.

It’s time to get ready for a mesmerizing musical journey cause LavishCosmos is in the house now! and oh boy is he is oozing raw talent and preparing to make more entrancing tunes. Get to know this rising star early on and join him in this adventure.