As a moth of light we felt strongly gravitated to the next Wout Records release, “New Light” the new Dinkis EP. Intensity fits closest to this composition; it is the deepest, hitherto most personal work, packed in an emotional five-part journey.

The paths… between particles shrink, often drifting apart; but they are on an endless search for the new, the one point of attachment, which with all its nuances forms its very own finite world. Don’t hold back, go ahead. According to this pattern, Dinkis sounds travel to “New Light”. The unknown traveler crosses the sonic spaces in quest of variety and continuity.

A dark contrast that oscillates back and forth through slow, powerful beats and an octave bouncing bassline. We virtually breathe the restraint, the fear of emptiness of “L’Astronauta”. So close to the target, the guides emerge as bright, floating points on the horizon; as the “Butterfly Poet” over a synthetic flow of sine waves. The present chapter of this composing journey provides a passionate realization.

Suddenly, the stream of thought stops and a wait for new impulses begins, until gradually, very slowly inspirations just dropping away. This is exactly how it feels when the “Rain In The Desert” sets in and everything starts to live. “Fuoco Nello Stomaco” or as long as the inner fire burns, no sudden drought on any level can cause a general stop.

Ambitions, dreams and creativity never stand still, are in motion; jump from sound to sound. It’s this continuous excitement that Dinkis creates in this surprisingly real-feeling EP.