A gem in the world of DJ stock music, Beatport provides access to music from professional artists and labels. That’s why it is the right time to look at some tips and tools which can help you efficiently sell and use music on this platform.

Beatport is an American Internet shop with full songs and pieces for remixes. It works for 16 years, gathering the global DJ community and versatile content for their art. If you’re new to the platform or need experience – this post is just for you.

Complete your Artist Page

Adding an avatar and a short biography is one of the simplest and effective ways to improve your profile. This will attract more traffic and turn your page into something plausible.

However, you don’t need to overdo it because there are also strict restrictions for photos and text description. You can always learn more in the Help tab on the dashboard, where dance music specialists will help you to analyze your profile.


Pre-orders will be always a tempting thing. They are a part of the strategy for the dance specialist partners, which cause many shares of the release, using a pre-save and smart link button, and simply appearing on promotion campaigns in social media. An especially approved method to sell music online is including a SoundCloud snippet of your song below the link.

The preorder for a specific release can be set 28 days in advance but two weeks is the optimal variant. The number of presales will define how high your release or the track will be in the chart. Preorders are also responsible for the acceptance of music that is sold.

Get on DJ Charts

The DJ chart is a precious place where all the announcements can be posted. Outstanding DJs, artists, and labels use this option to present their work in front of the global community of dance music lovers. The DJ Chart page will display your own link along with a custom site. It’s easy to set up such chart if you possess a DJ account on Beatport.

If you’re signing up for the first time, you’ll be required to set up a new DJ profile. Read the instruction step by step.

Another thing worth mentioning is populating your chart. Three main tabs for this are SEARCH, CARTS and PURCHASES. This means that music from your Shopping Cart can be “pulled” into your chart, as well as previously bought audiotracks. A handy interface allows you to drag and drop, delete, and preview songs in the chart section until you will be fully satisfied with its content.

Label Playlists

Label playlists are another efficient option for promoting your latest catalogs. That’s all thank Beatport LINK – a subscription B2B streaming service, including heaps of DJ hardware and software such as Pioneer Rekordbox and others. 80% of its users are newbies on the platform, so LINK gives a nice possibility to share your music with newcomers.

Seize the Exclusive Release Dates

Exclusive Release Dates were invented to make the release available only for a strictly determined period. In such way, Labels become rare in eyes of customers and can pop up fast. On Beatport, you can limit the sale period to two, four,or eight weeks. Then no other internet shop can sell the release, except streaming partners (such as Spotify).

Beatport Hype

Beatport Hype is an exceptionally good tool for marketing. It’s an accelerant program to make new labels more visible among popular ones. It will set you back $10 per month to use this program and place your label alongside labels with common filling and revenue grade. Beatport Hype will provide the access to placement and chart visibility in the group of developing labels, as well as brands that rule the platform’s merchandising and charts. As a result – more followers and earnings are guaranteed.

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