Today, artists can share their music with their audience and make their release a successful one. Famous platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify are two of the biggest platforms where musicians share their music. But musicians don’t just send their music to these platforms and become included in the playlists. Music distribution is a long and detailed process. There are options such as posting your music by yourself on YouTube or Soundcloud. Yes, this is an option, and it may be helpful for you to become famous. But music distribution can open a lot of new doors for you and a significant step in your career. 

Creating a song is the hardest part of this whole story. But after that, you need to make sure that your audience can listen to your music and share it with others. As we have already mentioned above, digital distribution is a detailed process that should be understood very carefully. That is why different services help artists in digital music distribution. In the article below, we will try to give answers to your questions about digital music distribution services. 

How Your Audience Can Listen to Your Music

There are two main ways that users can access your music. The first way is downloading music. After downloading the music to any device, people can listen to it whenever they want. The music is already saved on your device after downloading it. The second way is streaming. This option is relatively new for music lovers. With the help of streaming, you can listen to your favorite music on the specific platform. But you can’t download and save the music on any device.

Why Should Musicians Do Digital Distribution 

It is not a secret that technologies provide enormous new opportunities for every industry. And of course, the music industry is no exception. Streaming is a new and easier way for people to listen to music and musicians to make their music available to thousands of people. Online audio distribution platforms are helping musicians to find new fans and reach thousands of users. Listeners only need to have an account on these platforms, and they will have access to millions of tracks. So if your music is distributed to streaming platforms, you can be sure that millions of people worldwide may play your music. 

Should I Distribute Music By Myself or With the Help of Digital Music Distribution Service

A very logical question may pop up to your mind. Can I distribute music by myself to these platforms? Actually, you should know that there are millions of musicians all around the world. And platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify can’t deal with each musician separately. It may take a long time to reach agents of these platforms and make them upload your music. Digital music distribution services help artists to arrange the process in a short time and in the most effective way. Professionals of these services have developed channels and communication tools in order to make your music available on these platforms. So as an artist, you will save your time and resources. And most importantly, you will have time to create new music.

What is the Best Service for Music Distribution and Which One Musicians Should Choose

CD Baby is one of the best music distribution companies. First of all, it is critical to choose a company with a lot of experience in the industry. CD Baby has been distributing music to streaming platforms for many years. In addition to this, CD Baby makes sure that after distributing the music stays on the platform. So artists can always have trust in CD Baby. Besides music distribution, artists can also benefit from other services that CD Baby provides. Artists can address the customer service with any inquiry and know that the professional workers are ready to help them. And finally, CD Baby distributes music to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, etc. These are a couple of the most critical aspects that artists should consider before choosing a digital music distribution service. So before selecting the service, try to explore and analyze every detail. 

How Long Does it Take to Distribute the Music to Streaming Platforms

As it was mentioned above, the distribution process is very detailed. So you don’t need to rush the process, because it may result in an error. So the inspectors of CD Baby review all the submissions a couple of times in order to not miss anything. This is very important in order not to miss anything and distribute your music successfully. Inspectors look at these submissions very carefully, and if any part is not meeting the guidelines, they change it. Usually, it takes about three days to pass the inspection part. Then the music is being distributed to the platforms. So CD Baby makes sure that your music is distributed on time and in the best possible condition. 

Do Musicians Get Paid from Musical Distribution and How It Happens

Of course, musicians get paid. The way the payment process works is as follows. When the music is distributed to streaming platforms, people start streaming or buying it. After approximately two months, the platforms report to distributing services the overall revenue. After that, the distributor service pays the musician the money. CD Baby pays each week to musicians, and no other company pays like this. Of course, some surveys delay the payments. But CD Baby understands that artists work hard in order to gain their earned money after some time.  

Digital Distribution service is developing every year. And alongside this music industry is also developing and changing very rapidly. So it is essential to find a digital distribution service that stays up to date and is ready to be on the musician’s side. Otherwise it will be impossible to provide the best service to the musicians. You can be sure that CD Baby is there to be with you during the distribution process.